2th Conference GLP-PLANET, July 5-6, 2021 in St. Petersburg

On July 5-6, 2021, staff of «RMC «HOME OF PHARMACY» took part in the II GLP-PLANET conference, in which international experts, representatives of the regulator, leading specialists of testing facilities and pharmaceutical companies discussed the most important issues arising during preclinical studies. The results of the conference can be found on the website.

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The educational center RMC «HOME OF PHARMACY» received a Certificate of professional and public accreditation

Training sessions are conducted only in Russian

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The first offspring of the Russian Blue Cat was obtained in the nursery of RMC «HOME OF PHARMACY»

The specialists of our preclinical center continue their corporate work on the development, adaptation and implementation of the process of reproduction of rarely used laboratory animals. At the end of January the first offspring of the Russian Blue Cats was obtained in the cattery of   RMC «HOME OF PHARMACY».

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8 February marks the Day of Russian Science

Every year on February 8, the Russian scientific community celebrates its professional holiday – the Day of Russian Science.
Dear colleagues, we wish you new breakthrough discoveries, success in scientific research, inexhaustible activity and optimism, good health, good mood and happiness.

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II конференция GLP-PLANET

5-6 июля 2021 года в научной столице России – Санкт-Петербурге пройдет II конференция GLP-PLANET , в рамках которой международные эксперты, представители регулятора, ведущие специалисты испытательных центров и фармацевтических компаний обсудят важнейшие вопросы, возникающие при проведении доклинических исследований:

  • Эволюция требований к качеству доклинических исследований.
  • Доклинические исследования: о чем не принято писать в научном отчете?
  • Благополучие лабораторных животных.
  • Разнообразие тест-систем и трансляционность полученных данных в клиническую практику.
  • Аналитические лаборатории в доклинических и клинических исследованиях
  • GLP-инжиниринг.
  • Профессиональная подготовка специалистов в области доклинических исследований.
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Register of Preclinical Centers of Russia
The establishment of the Register of Preclinical Centers of Russia can be without exaggeration called an event for the industry. This resource is critically important for scientists and representatives of the pharmaceutical community. We all have common goals and objectives, and one of them is to improve the quality of preclinical research. The key aspect of its solution is the openness and transparency of testing centers.
The Register of Preclinical Centers was established on the initiative of the industry, announced at the GLP-PLANET conference held in 2020.

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In the nursery of “RMC “HOME OF PHARMACY” received the first offspring of Beagle breed dogs
On November 03, we received the first offspring of Beagle breed dogs in the nursery of “RMC “HOME OF PHARMACY”. Corporate work on development, adaptation and implementation of the reproduction process of this species of laboratory animals has met our high expectations. Puppies and females are under continuous supervision of a veterinarian.

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Prospects for the development of the GLP system in Russia and the EAEU

On the 30th of September in the framework of the round table “Interdisciplinary approach to the development of innovation and export capacity of the EAEU pharmaceutical industry” a discussion about GLP took place. All over the world GLP system is the basis of quality of laboratory studies. The level of implementation of this system in developed countries correlates with the export and innovation potential of the pharmaceutical industry. Drug manufacturers, laboratories (testing and bioanalytical), experts and regulators spoke about the stage of implementation and harmonization of the domestic GLP system and the prospects for its development in the EAEU. The full test is available in Russian.

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8th Conference Rus-LASA, September 1-3, 2020 in Pushchino

October 1-3, 2020  hosted a regular Rus-LASA conference dedicated to application issues discussion of modern technologies of scientific research, education, regulatory and ethical issues in this area. Read more on the website Rus-LASA.

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The cost of research work on pre-clinical studies

The innovative sphere, the main part of science and research works, nowadays is the fundamental factor of qualitative economic growth. At the same time, this sphere requires huge financial and material costs, as well as very high qualification of workers.

In the article “The cost of research work on pre-clinical studies”, published on the website of GMP news, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Valery Makarov, General Director of St. Petersburg Institute of Pharmacy talked about the structure of preclinical study expenses and how the cost of preclinical studies is formed.

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