Analytical Chemical research

The laboratory of chemical and analytical methods is equipped in accordance with the requirements of GLP, equipped with necessary modern analytical and research instrumentation sufficient to perform titrimetric, gravimetric, spectroscopic and chromatographic analyses. Мышь химик

In particular the laboratory have:

  • two HPLC LC-20 Prominence systems (Shimadzu, Japan) equipped with diode array detectors, autosampler, chromatographic oven, besides one of the systems have a refractive index detector in addition. Both systems are computerized, data collecting and processing is carried out by LabSolutions software (Shimadzu, Japan).
  • recording spectrophotometer of UV and visible range, UV-1700 PharmaSpec (Shimadzu, Japan). The device is computerized, data collecting and processing is carried out by UV Probe software (Shimadzu, Japan).
  • system for HPTLC includes applicator for applying samples to the plate of TSH Gamag Linomat 5, Camag TLC scanner 3 and WinCats software (Camag, Switzerland).
  • system of water purification -Simplicity Water Purification System (Millipore,USA) to produce water of 1 type (qualification “for a chromatography”).
  • rotary evaporator IKA RV10 (IKA evaporator, Germany), ScanSpeed vacuum centrifuge (concentrator) (LaboGene, Denmark), various centrifuges and other equipment that is used in preparation of analytical tests.

Members of group conduct pharmacognostical and phytochemical studies of medicinal plants and extracts and perform:

  • pharmacognostical and merchandising analyses of medicinal plants that include microscopic examination, estimation of ash, humidity and impurity content;
  • phytochemical analysis of medicinal plants and products of its processing aimed at examing the main groups of active substances including phenolics and tannins, flavonoids and phenolic acids, coumarins, saponins, organic acids, amino acids, polysaccharides and sugars, fatty acids, ascorbic acid, carotenoids, tocopherols, phytosterols, and others;
  • comparative phytochemical analysis of raw materials received from wild or cultivated plants of various grades after additional processing at preparation and drying, etc.;
  • development/adoption of methods of analysis and standardization of medicinal plants and phytopreparations;
  • validation of analytical methods;
  • preparation of draft regulations (Manufacturer monograph, Technical specification) about raw materials, pharmaceuticals, biologically active additives (BAA), functional nutrition, etc. for pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industry.

Preparation of draft regulations is carried out according to the following requirements:

  1. State Pharmacopoeia of the Russian Federation. XIV ed., Moscow: Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, 2018, Vol. 1-4. 7019 p.