Laboratory animals

Laboratory animals are used to study the drugs efficacy and safety.


The main conditions for the proper selection of a relevant species of laboratory animal for the study are:


   1.  the size of an animal, which helps to determine a possibility of introducing and optimizing the flow rate of objects under the study, conducting instrumental examination, collecting biological samples in the amount sufficient to show all the necessary indicators;


   2. similarities in the structure and functioning of organs and systems at the molecular, cellular, and tissue levels in human bodies and in the body of the relevant animal species, which determine the similarity of metabolic pathways and metabolites;


   3. in pharmacodynamics studies – similarity of the clinical performance of the simulated pathology in the animal with that of the disease in humans.


To ensure the quality of our studies, we use animals either from our own laboratory breeding facility, or from the approved sources.


Our organization has a laboratory animals shelter and a vivarium.


Rodent vivarium site (S= 550 m2) and animal facility (S= 737 m2)

Mini pigs site (S= 547 m2)

Rabbit shed site (S= 360 m2)

Predatory mammals site – 746 m2

Primate site – 746 m2


Dog run – 155 m2

To date, for scientific research we have: