Register of Preclinical Centers of Russia

The establishment of the Register of Preclinical Centers of Russia can be without exaggeration called an event for the industry. This resource is critically important for scientists and representatives of the pharmaceutical community. We all have common goals and objectives, and one of them is to improve the quality of preclinical research. The key aspect of its solution is the openness and transparency of testing centers.
The Register of Preclinical Centers was established on the initiative of the industry, announced at the GLP-PLANET conference held in 2020.

The main objectives of the Register of Preclinical Centers are to inform pharmaceutical companies that are sponsors of research about the availability of preclinical Centers in Russia with different competencies.
For the Sponsor: preclinical research The Register will make it easier to find a test center for a specific project.
For the Preclinical Centers: this project may become an advertising platform for the promotion of its services in the market.
At the beginning of November, “RMC “HOME OF PHARMACY” JSC” submitted an application for inclusion in the Register.
For more information, please visit the website of the Preclinical Centers Register of  Russia