Histology and Pathomorphology Group

Traditionally, one of the most informative and reliable methods for diagnosis of pathologies in organs and tissues are autopsy and histological examination. These methods allow us to estimate both the macroscopic and microscopic structural changes in organs and tissues of humans and animals, and the data obtained in the course of pathological studies, not rarely are of fundamental importance in the study of toxic effects of drugs in preclinical studies.

Sufficient qualification of our employees, including graduates of doctors pathologists, specialists in the field of veterinary morphology, as well as experienced technicians, histology, hard work, responsibility and love for his work allows us for many years to carry out pathological and histological examination at the highest level with the use of modern methods of macroscopic and microscopic diagnosis of pathological conditions and in experimental animals.

We are always glad to cooperate and expand scientific frontiers. We hope that together we can reach new stages in the development of Russian science and discover new unknown faces in the field of anatomy and histology of humans and animals.

The most important step in conducting a post mortem examination is to compare the macroscopic and the microscopic picture of pathologies. Particular attention is paid to the dynamics of the development of pathologies in animals in the experiment. We apply methods of pathologic diagnosis are common, and have yielded positive results in toxicological studies, and in assessing the impact of specific drugs and the study of reproductive and fetal toxicity.

Here are some aspects of our work.