Innovative activities

One of the Institute priority is research and development (R&D). Our own program is focused in the search of active compounds for the treatment of socially significant diseases.

The result of searching studies which would be carried out in our organization became the basis of application development.

In scientific research institutes basic studies are focused on receiving new physiologically active compounds by means of synthetic transformation of natural compounds. These studies are successfully developed and continue the glorious tradition of outstanding Russian researches in phytochemistry and pharmacology, on which development pharmaceutical industry of the country considerably relies. It should be noted that even now such a way to create new pharmaceuticals remains among the top in the world.

As a result – evidence-based ways of creation of advanced pharmaceuticals delivery systems which provide increased bioavailability and stability by fixing the amorphous state of crystalline substances. Administration of pharmaceuticals with directional transport and controlled release is only possible to ensure efficiency and stability of the current in the body by reducing dose and toxicity.

To achieve this goal in the field of R & D the group of authors of our organization has developed and repeatedly approved the scheme of creating new perspective candidates on the basis of substances from natural raw materials.

Now an active search in the field of creation of pharmaceuticals on the basis of natural environmentally friendly raw source is focused on sea urchins of the Barents Sea.