About us

 RMC «HOME OF PHARMACY» is the largest research center in Russia, combining a world-class nursery and vivarium, modern laboratories equipped with high-tech equipment, and educational center. Over 190 employees of the company: researchers, experts, veterinarians.

Our capacity makes it possible to provide different stages of drug life cycle, from idea and search of a molecule to preparation of registration dossier in accordance with EAEC and OECD requirements. Our own breeding facility (11 animal species) allows us to conduct preclinical studies in accordance with all international standards and in a short time. We are considering all the wishes of the Customer (Sponsor) in developing preclinical research plans. We tend to establish long-term partnerships on mutually beneficial terms with each Customer (Sponsor).

 RMC «HOME OF PHARMACY» is your reliable guide in drug development and preclinical research!

Holding the experiments associated with animal use RMC «HOME OF PHARMACY» addresses to the general bioethical commission (BEC, the commission for control of laboratory animal care and use) formed by independent competent people.