Ethics of using animals

“RMC “HOME OF PHARMACY”  is a member of the non-commercial partnership “Association of specialists in the use of laboratory animals “(Rus-LASA).

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Commission on bioethics (BEC) functions on the base of “RMC “HOME OF PHARMACY” as an independent structure. In its work BEC goes on the principles of humane attitude to laboratory animals and their rational use.

BEC is an open structure: information about commission members, work schedule, all decisions accepted is not confidential.

Bioethical commission structure 14.11.2019

Our activity is aimed at controlling over a compliance with international rules of conducting experiments on animals.

Our goal is an advisory assistance and a control over conducting research works on animals in “RMC “HOME OF PHARMACY”  according to regulatory standards.

Our tasks:

  1. Study of ethical problems relating to study plans and the use of technologies associated with them;
  2. Development of conducting the rules and criteria of admissibility of studies on animals based on existing normative documents, international recommendations, experience of the other organizations both in Russia and abroad;
  3. Controlling over a compliance with the rules of conducting experiments on animals (a compliance with SOP);
  4. Independent expertise of study plans using laboratory animals, drawing up conclusions of compliance with ethical standards of study plans, analysis of non-animal alternative;
  5. Consultation of employees on bioethics.

The bioethical commission is guided by:

• Directive 2010/63/EU of the European parliament and the European Union Council of September 22, 2010 on the protection of animals used for scientific purposes;

• Guide for the care and use of laboratory animals. National Academy press. – Washington, D.C. 1996.

The main purpose of the BEC is to search for alternative test methods directed on reducing the number of painful manipulations and suffering of animals. The following ways to limit the pain of experimental animals are recomended:

• use of the most appropriate and the most humane methods;

• use of technical skills of competent personnel;

• adequate monitoring of pain and distress;

• drawing up the accurate plan to eliminate undesirable consequences of manipulations;

• use of immediate means of preventing pain and distress;

• use of anesthesia analgesia and sedatives suitable for the selected animal species and the purposes of the experiment;

• making a plan of the experiment which reduces pain and distress;

• conducting an experiment as soon as posible;

• use of the appropriate methods of euthanasia.