Biopharmaceutical studies in vitro and in vivo

  • choice of methods of analysis for the study of release, pharmacokinetics, biological and/or pharmaceutical equivalence of biologically active substances of synthetic and natural origin.
  • development and validation of analytical methods to determine biologically active substances in the dissolution medium and biological objects (blood plasma, urine, organs, etc.).
  • choice of the dissolution medium and performing the analytical part of in vitro experiments by various methods;.
  • performing the analytical part of in vivo experiments using laboratory animals in preclinical studies.
  • performing the analytical part of in vivo experiments in volunteers during clinical trials and the study of bioequivalence. Now the group of chemical analysis is an analytical base of a number of open bioequivalence studies.
  • compilation of the analytical part of reports on the release in vitro that are used in optimization of formulation of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, products of functional nutrition, cosmetics, etc.; reports on pharmacokinetics necessary for studying new drugs; reports about bioequivalence necessary for registration of reproducible (generic) pharmaceuticals.
  • Performing the ADME [Adsorbtion, Distribution, Metabolism, Excrextion] test.