Our article has won an Olson Prize

The Editors of Peptides, Olson Prize Selection Committee, and Elsevier Inc., are proud to announce that Valery G. Makarov has been selected as the 2018 winner of the GAYLE A. OLSON & RICHARD D. OLSON PRIZE awarded to the senior author of the most meritorious original research article published during the previous year in Peptides. Congratulations Professor Makarov! The winning article “A new tridecapeptide with an octaarginine vector has analgesic therapeutic potential and prevents morphine-induced tolerance authored by Vladimir A. Kashkin, Elena V. Shekunova, Michail I. Titov, Ivan I. Eliseev, Maxim A. Gureev, Yuri B. Porozov, Marina N. Makarova, Valery G. Makarov was published in Peptides Volume 99 (January 2018) and has been made freely accessible until May 2020.