Report about conducting animal health monitoring

Health monitoring is conducted to assess the quality of the health of laboratory animals used in biomedical research, and the safety of personnel working with laboratory animals.

Monitoring the health of laboratory animals is conducted in accordance with the recommendations FELASA.

Mahler M., Berard M., Feinstein R., Gallagher A., Illgen-Wilcke B., Pritchett-Corning K., Raspa M. FELASA recommendations for the health monitoring of mouse, rat, hamster, guinea pig and rabbit colonies in breeding and experimental units // Laboratory Animals. -2014, Vol. 48(3). –P. 178–192.

The test center is made up of laboratory animals and the annual plan for monitoring the microbiological monitoring of the health program. Monitoring of laboratory animal health bacteriological held quarterly, virological 1 time / year.

Evaluation of the microbiological status of bacteriology was performed in the laboratory of the St. Petersburg «City Veterinary Laboratory» on the basis of the current contract in accordance with the monitoring program.

Animal health certificates

Mouse 2015

Rats 2015

Guinea pigs 2015

Rabbits 2015

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