Models for studying gastro- and enteroprotective action of pharmaceuticals

The study of gastroprotective action of PA includes the following analyses:

  • the study of antiulcer action of PA in the model of stomach pyloric ligation by Shay method;
  • analysis of antiulcer activity of PA in the model of indomethacin-induced ulcer in rats;
  • an assessment of cytostatic action of PA against Helicobacter pylori;
  • the study of spasmolytic effect of PA ex vivo (an assessment of terminal ileum segment tonus) and in vivo (an assessment of intestinal transit in rats).
  • Assessment of PA activity in the model of an experimental pancreatitis in rabbits;
  • Study of PA effect on normalization of bile composition in the model of lithogenic diet.

Biochemical tests:Мышь на горшке

  • analysis of enzyme activity;
  • analysis of bile composition.

Assessment of gastric mucosal homogenate:

  • analysis of cytokine content;
  • analysis of enzyme activity.

Study of the effect of drugs in Helicobacter pylori


Morphological examination of gastric mucosa of each animal in the experiment accompanied by calculating the number of ulcerations in gastric mucosa (large, average and dot) and the percentage of animals with ulcers. Pauls index and ulcerogenesis index are calculated.

To assess the expressiveness of the reaction of rats to stressful influence, which Shay method of stomach ulcer induction is itself (surgery, twenty-hour pylorus ligation), it is possible to use the value of adrenal masses and the 11-oxycorticosteroid (11-OCS) concentration value in rat plasma.