Subacute (subchronic) toxicity

  • Study of acute and subacute (subchronic) toxicity of pharmacological substances in comparison with the known drugs, registered in the Russian Federation, is performed for the purpose of establishment of their equitoxicity in accordance with the Manual for conducting preclinical studies of drugs. Under the editorship of Mironov A.N., Bunatyan N. D. et al.,  M., publishing house “Grif and K”, 2012.
  • Study of subacute (subchronic) toxicity is carried out according to OECD protocols on testing of chemicals:
411 Subchronic Dermal Toxicity: 90-day Study
412 Subacute inhalation toxicity: 28-days Study
413 Subchronic inhalation toxicity: 90 days Study
418 Delayed neurotoxicity of Organophosphorus Substances following acute exposure