Baltic Forum of Veterinary Medicine and Food Security

The Baltic Forum of Veterinary Medicine and Food Security took place on 19-21 September , 2018 in St. Petersburg. The Forum which is one of the most important industry events of the European level, considering all aspects of veterinary activities. The main objectives of the forum are: strengthening the authority and prestige of the veterinary service; conducting educational work among veterinary specialists; actively introduce research and development into practice. “RMC “HOME OF PHARMACY” took part in the forum as part of the sectional session  “VIVARIA” Makarova Marina  made a report on “Assessing and monitoring the health status of laboratory mini-pigs”. Our specialists participated in the discussion of humane treatment of animals, issues of monitoring and maintaining the health of laboratory animals were considered. Special attention was paid to the use of non-rodents in preclinical studies.