Validation and revalidation of analytical methods

  • choice of parameters and drawing up programs/plans of validation of analytical methods used in standardization and quality control of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, products of functional nutrition, cosmetics based on natural and synthetic materials;
  • validation of analytical methods for biopharmaceutical studies in vivo and in vitro;
  • validation of analytical methods for measurements performed by the following methods:
    • gravimetric;
    • titrimetric;
    • spectrophotometric;
    • high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC);
    • thin layer and high performance thin layer chromatography (TLC and HPTLC);
    • gas-liquid chromatography (GLC);
    • immunosorbent assay (ELISA).
  • determination of validation parameters:
    • Specificity/Selectivity;
    • Linearity, Range;
    • Repeatability/Precision;
    • Accuracy;
    • Robustness/Stability;
    • Recovery;
    • Limit of detection;
    • Limit of quantification;
  • validation of analytical techniques used in quality control by the following indicators:
    • Authenticity;
    • Dissolution;
    • Determination of impurity;
    • Residual organic solvents;
    • Uniform dosing;
    • Quantitative determination;
  • compilation of reports about validation (validation protocols) necessary for registration of normative documents (manufacturer monograph) about substances and pharmaceuticals, data representation of biopharmaceutical studies (in vitro, in vivo) of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, functional nutrition, cosmetics, etc

Validation procedures are carried out in accordance with the following requirements:

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